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(Just to throw this out: Yes, It's been a while. I'm sorry. RL was incredible stressful. I still work myself through my inbox - 1,8k messages left. I will answer to comments made in the last months, but it'll take a while. More about this at a later point - this just needed to get out of my system :x Sorry!)

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Disney's "Frozen" (mainly character-based Spoilers) - Read at your own risk!

Last year in December, I saw a lot of Art regarding Disney's latest Movie "Frozen". And I was curious. However, I usually watch Movies when they come out on DVD/BluRay in Germany, which wasn't until april. Since I hadn't had much time, I was even unable to watch the movie on the spot. But 2 weeks ago, I finally was able to give the movie a watch - and I love it. It has easily become one of my Disney favorites, and for me, it also is a Movie that has to "age". The more I thought about it, the more I listened to the movie, the more I loved it.

But then, I got a problem. About one day after I watched the movie, I noticed something... terrible?
Elsa (one of the main characters of the movie) resembles my character Simara. Not just slightly... it's actually shocking to see, how much they have in common.

Those few of you who know my characters from their Ragnarok Online origins might wonder now, how this could be. Simara in her original state was a very cold person, even though it was unintentional, she never learned how to socialize and others would've easily take her for being arrogant, cold hearted and rough, while she really had a kind heart underneath her "clumsy" behavior.
But keep in mind, this is the RO version of her. Like many, if not most, of my characters, her personality in my book is very different. Taking a character out of his original world and putting him into another, self-created world means a lot of changes. The backstory of the character has to be adapted, the surroundings change - and with the change of the surroundings, these characters grow up in a totally different environment. Simara and Hayana are probably the two characters with the biggest personality change, not counting Irolan and Malesk, who got a heavy gender and age change, which makes them completely new characters with just similar names to their original inspiration (Irolana and Maleska).

So let me introduce you to the similarities between Elsa and Simara.

Letting Go by Fuyukichi Commission - Rutana by zearyu
Elsa by Fuyukichi , Simara by zearyu

Both were born with huge powers to create Ice, not cursed. Though both see their powers as curse (Elsa looses this thought, Simara does not).
Both have bright hair due to their powers - Elsa white (while her parents and sister have dark hair), Simara light blue. Both have blue eyes - Elsa bright blue, Simara ice blue. Both are pale.
The powers of both of them are fueled by their emotions. Both struggle with keeping their powers under constraint, because both can unwillingly hurt or even kill loved ones through their powers. It happened in both cases (Elsa nearly killed her sister - twice, Simara killed her mother right after her birth). But Both also learned how to control their powers, and that emotions as fear, anger and sadness get them more easily go out of control.
Both lost their parents (Elsa when around 15, Simara lost her father before her birth and her mother right after)
Both used some kind of cloth to conceal the body part, that channels their powers the most, to keep their powers at bay. Elsa used gloves as her powers come out of her hands, Simara uses a blindfold (with magical properties) to cover her eyes, as her powers flow out of them mostly.
Both feel no cold. Both grow up rather isolated, or isolate themselves, due to their powers. Both decide to live rather isolated in an area full of snow and ice at some point of their live, because they see it as a safe and fitting environment (though the motivation to do so is different).
Both are introverted. Both have a kind heart. Both hold their family dear (in Simaras case, it's her orphanage). Both speak in a low and gentle voice (though Elsa is less restricted once she "let go").
And their clothing? Well, seeing the pictures above, they seem to have nothing in common. But remember, above you see Simaras Warlock-Clothes from RO, in the book, she wears different clothing. What did I had in mind? White and light blue clothing, light clothing, she doesn't need to keep warm, so she chooses her clothing to be comfortable but giving her a certain elegance. Since she's a mage, I set my mind on either a dress, or a pantskirt. Now compare this to Elsa's chosen clothing... :)

This is a writers nightmare. You think of something, put effort in it, build it up to something big, and working, and logical... and then someone comes along with the same idea. This happens all the time, to a lot of writers. But if it's such a close resemblance to a character, it's harsh. It's even worse seeing how popular Elsa is. Yes, I can prove that Simara existed years before Frozen hit the cinema - but I can't prove that the character chances I made to her were also made before Frozen. Heck, I'm not even sure if they were made before Frozen came out, since I saw the movie half a year late!

So, what should I do? Keep Simara as she is? Change her? Butchering my characterization of her to make her seem less then a copy, that she never was?
I decided, to keep her as she is. That's the way I decided for her to go, and that's the way I like her. I can't help that others had the same ideas, and the plot and setting is different enough to, hopefully, not raise the issue of "oh, she copied Elsa!" too much. I mean, take a look at "The Hunger Games" and "Battle Royal". Many people accused Suzanne Collins that her story was inspired/stolen/copied from Battle Royal - while she claims that she didn't knew about Battle Royal until these compares were made to her. And I totally believe her - because these things happen - constantly.
Still, I might never get over the undertoned frustration that these compares might be made someday, and there will always be the little voice inside my head that tells me "see, if you wouldn't keep everything so secret, you had a prove now!" - guess that voice has a point :/

What are your thoughts? Would you change a character in such a situation? (Keep in mind, this character is meant to be in a book, not a FanFiction or RP, where no one cares about similar characters).
Which similarities have you found for your own characters or story elements?
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