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Hi folks,

I know, the last journal is... again, so long ago. I'm sorry.
I had a very stressful time lately, with not too much time on the PC in general, and I got especially lazy at replying to comments, as they require more thought then watching or faving pictures.
I'm on my way to catch up on them again.
But to be honest, that's not why I'm writing this journal.

I have enough. I have enough of spoilers. Of artists who I watch to thoughtlessly spoil major plot points. Especially if these are artists, who's art I adore.
I'm so done.

I can understand when people think it's soo cool how a character looks in the latest episode and draw them, even though drawing them in this specific cloth is a story spoiler. It's not ok, but at least I can understand it.
But to spoil a major plot point, a surprise to everyone following the series, that just appeared in the Manga, knowing that the Anime (that most people follow instead!) won't be there for at least 2 months... why?
Why can you think of this as being ok? What goes through these peoples minds?
I'm actually assuming, that these artists don't care for their watchers at all!
The more extreme a twist is to you, the more you should realize that giving this twist away for others is the cruelest thing you could do! Right?

I've seen this particular spoiler two times when the Manga chapter was fresh out. One of it even went so far to spoil more then just the character in question, giving away a huge part of the arc running in the anime right now!
Today, just today, I've seen two more pictures of this spoiler.

I don't even DARE to tell you what is spoiled, because I'm afraid that you might notice the anime in question. And when you know the Anime in question, you might guess from the spoiler topic what exactly is spoiled! And I don't want to spoil any of you. Because I CARE about these things.
Let me just tell you, that the spoiler is as equally bad as a Game of Thrones spoiler. You know, you love the show, follow it, are excited about the new episodes and someone comes along and tells you "Oh yeah, I read the books, xy is dying soon, he's killed by abc and dies through *add specific death here*".
Now I'm sitting next to my boyfriend, every week, and see his excitement and his curiousness and are sobbing inside because I know the end result with sugar on top.

I love DA. I enjoy the art. I love to communicate with people, but more and more I feel as if this site ruins every fandom I love through Spoilers.
In entirely, I got spoiled here for:
The Legend of Zelda - A Link between Worlds
Game of Thrones
My Little Pony
Doctor Who
One Piece
Kill La Kill
Hunter X Hunter
Captain America 2 (which just came out in cinema a few weeks ago!)
Ace Attorney series
And probably a lot more fandoms I just can't recall right now.
And I also saw many pictures that, while they weren't spoilers for me (either because I saw the spoiler material or because I don't care for the fandom), are still huge spoilers that shouldn't be released unprotected.
Heck, even spoilers that became common knowledge over the time ("I am your father!") are things that, in my book, shouldn't be spread too much ago. Heck, I'm even afraid to get spoiled any day with the ending of Lost - which is a series I still want to watch to it's end but just couldn't find the time to and who's ending seems to be so much common knowledge by now, that I got terrible close to get it spoiled several times now - thankfully all those persons were decent enough to avoid telling the ending and were talking about it (or mentioning it) without telling the ending (much like "it's a crazy ending" - not more)

Yes, I can unwatch every artist who puts out a spoiler. I started to. I actually started to sort people I watch in Spoiler-Categories so I could unwatch everyone who ever released a spoiler after I told them why I unwatch them (because being silent doesn't help anyone either). But... I'm tired. I'm so tired to. And what does it resolve? I watch a bunch of artists less, but what do I earn from it, when one of the artists I still watch suddenly decides to release a spoiler, too?
I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of browsing through my inbox just to get my day and a series/game I love ruined.
It sucks out all my motivation to spent time on DA, or anything that requires concentration.

And the most frustrating thing about this, is the policy of DA.
Hey, look, we make a suggestion forum! And since we have this suggestion forum, we only picked 2-3 SMALL suggestions and realized them within 2 weeks, even though some of them weren't voted up high, because they were quickly done. And now we ignore the whole forum!
We don't care if you get spoiled. It might be a bit of work to put in a spoiler filter similar to the mature filter, but it's not like it was requested OVER AND OVER AGAIN, it's not like it's one of the MOST VOTED SUGGESTIONS IN OUR FORUM and it's not like this is actually something that MATTERS.
Heck, a naked body has to be hidden because some people might freak out about how a human body looks, but spoilers aren't bad. Who cares if they ruins something other people enjoy!
It's like talking against a WALL, and if you get a reply, it's more like "Oh, that's not our problem." or "We can't forbid them to draw it" (No one asks to forbid artists to draw it! We ask for a FILTER!) or "Well, YOU might think so, but most people don't care."

So yeah... I'm done.
I won't quit DA, don't worry. Not yet. But I'm close to getting to a point where I stop caring. Where I just leave this behind.
But there are still people among you, I enjoy talking to too much to just throw everything overboard.
I just... continue to work on the comments and even notes I still have to reply. I'm very sorry for the delay.
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